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Parking Lot Flow/Drop Off 2017-2018

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Saturday, September 08, 2018

Traffic Flow at Ferndale Woods Elementary School


As you know, Ferndale Woods has grown!  In order to ensure safety and smooth flow, here are some reminders regarding pick up and drop off. Safety is always a priority and it takes the cooperation of staff, parents and students to ensure that the parking lot is a safe place for everyone.


Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to walk their children to school whenever possible. If it is necessary to drive it is highly recommended that parents park in the parking lot at the city park by the tennis courts or park along Nicholson Drive behind the school. There is a catwalk between Nicolson Drive and the school yard and this is the fastest and least stressful way in/out of the school. Parents may legally park there and walk their children to and from the school yard. There are also streets around the perimeter of the school where parking is permitted. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CATWALK AND THE TENNIS COURTS ARE CITY PROPERTY AND THESE SURFACES ARE NOT MAINTAINED IN THE WINTER. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM DURING THIS TIME DUE TO THE RISK OF SLIPS/FALLS.


There are numerous buses coming to and from our school.  In order to ensure student safety, the Board's policy is that once a bus is on school property, vehicles will not be allowed to pass.  Pylons will be placed accordingly. Once a bus has unloaded or loaded, the pylons will be removed and traffic can flow slowly through the lanes.


Cross Walk:

Pedestrians must enter the school property from either the north or the south sidewalks at the front of the school.  It is essential that no one walks through the middle of the lot during the arrival/dismissal times. This includes the crosswalk between the parking lot and the school.

Parking Lot:

  • Parents may drop off their children at the Kiss and Ride but may not leave their vehicles
  • Students are to be let out on the curb side. Please do not let them out on the driver's side and never let students out from the non-curbside lanes where traffic flows.
  • Kindergarten children may be dropped at the Kiss and Ride to a blue vest teacher who will walk them around to the supervised kindergarten area; supervision begins 15 minutes before the first bell (8:55)
  • For the start of the year, parents who park in a designated parking place (not the Kiss and Ride) are welcome to walk their children around to the kindergarten yard (marked with pylons) to the supervising staff
  • For kindergarten students, pick-up will be at each kindergarten classroom door (parents may be on the school yard 5 minutes before the dismissal bell)
  • At the end of the day, parents may stay in vehicles and pick up their children at the Kiss and Ride
  • Please do not pull in to the curb side at the entrance to the driveway as the buses cannot turn when cars are there
  • Kindly avoid using cell phones in the parking lot in order to be fully alert at all times



The entrance through the YMCA daycare gate is closed to Ferndale families.  According to the Day Nursery Act, anyone entering the childcare property must first sign in at the YMCA office.  The YMCA's program has grown and in order to maintain the safety and security of the small children in their care their playground area will remain closed to outside visitors.


School day

Everyone is reminded of the new school hours. The first bell rings at 9:10 a.m. and dismissal is at 3:30 p.m.


First Day

Students are invited to meet at the back of the school on the first day and staff will be there with grade signs. Students may congregate with their grade and staff will bring their students into the school when the entry bell rings.


Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe.

Joanne Merkley


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