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Falcon House Championship

November 16, 2015

Hello Falcon Families,


Our House Championship character initiative is upon us once again! For those of you who are new to our Falcon community, the House Championships provide an incentive for our staff and students to model the SCDSB character traits and learning skills that help to create a stronger school identity and sense of community. Every staff & student at Ferndale has been placed into “houses” that correspond with a species of Falcon. Each house also has its own unique colour. Once in a house, each student, and their siblings, is a part of that house for life. They will bond with approximately 50 other students from grades and divisions that they may not normally get the chance to associate with, older students will become mentors for the younger ones in their house, and they will create ties with staff who will be their house leaders.


Here’s how it works. The House Championship will run this year from Mid-November through-June. If any staff “catch” someone doing something positive (i.e., displaying positivity in the school, or modelling one of our character traits), they’ll be told that their behaviour is an asset to the school and be asked their house name. Students will be awarded “points” for their house (1 min. 5 max. depending on the situation) when they’re caught doing “good” at Ferndale. The house with the most points in June will be declared the House Champions for that year and have their house engraved on our Championship. Check out our bulletin board by room 218 to see how your child’s house is doing!


In addition to earning house points by displaying positive Falcon citizenship traits, houses will earn points for participating in school-wide activities such as our Falcon Winter Olympics and by collecting aluminum can tabs (which we then donate to charity), participation in spirit days, leadership activities, and other activities throughout the year.


Below is a list of the houses at Ferndale and the Colour that’s associated with each one:

HOUSEAmur HouseEleonora HouseAplomado HouseMerlin HouseLanner HouseLaggar House
COLOURDaisy YellowGoldIrish GreenLight BlueNavy BlueMaroon
PHOENETIC SPELLINGAm-yurEl-on-or-aApp-low-ma-doeMer-linLa-nerLag-er


HOUSESaker HouseGyr HousePrairie HousePeregrine HouseBarbary HouseTaita House
COLOURPinkRedTangerineSandy BeigeGreyArctic White
PHOENETIC SPELLINGSake-erGuy-erPrayer-eePair-a-grinBarb-a-ryTay-ta


Falcon Colours small.png