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Photo Scavenger Hunt

2nd Annual Ferndale Photo Scavenger Hunt!

click here for a printable version

The goal of this scavenger hunt is to build house spirit, strengthen the bonds between house members of different ages, and work as a team towards a common goal. Official start date is November 20th, end of contest is December 19th. The prize for completion is 50 house points. It is NOT a race, it's a team challenge. If three houses successfully finish, they all get 50 points, if everyone completes it, every house gets fifty points.

The task:

Members of your house must get a photograph of the "item" with the house member IN THE PICTURE...AND they must be wearing their house colours, OR have a sign that tells the viewer what house they belong to.

Some items will be easy to find. Some will be in the school, many will be in our community, and some will be tricky. There are many, many, different "right answers".  It may take some creative thinking and ingenuity to find all 100 items. If you think you've "found" an item and you're not sure if it qualifies, ask Mr. Ayres or Mr. Mills for an official ruling. (We won't copy your idea, we promise.)

The scoring for points:

All 100 items found: You ROCK. You're super scavengers!!  50 POINTS

76-99 items found: Level four Sleuthing! 30 POINTS

50-75 items found: Great team building. Well done. 20 POINTS

25-49 items found: Not Bad! You'll do better next year. 10 POINTS

1-24 items found: Hmmm... You'd better start practising now for Easter or you'll never find the eggs!   5 POINTS

How it works:

House leaders will have a master list. When a house member emails   (or brings) in a photo of the item with them in it, AND in their house colours, OR with a sign promoting their house, it is considered found, and it can be crossed off the list. House leaders are free to create a collage or bulletin board featuring all of the team's accomplishments.

The rules!

    1. No Photoshop or similar photo editing software allowed.
    2. The member must be with the item. No taking a photograph of a photograph!
    3. The member must either be visible in their HOUSE COLOURS in the pic, OR have a SIGN promoting their house in the picture.
    4. Be creative and have fun.
    5. House Leaders may submit photos to a maximum of 10 items to help their team.
    6. Any individual team member may submit a maximum of 10 items to help their team. It's a group effort! After that, they've got to encourage others to get involved and help them to get the pictures they need.
    7. It should be noted, that no pictures or images from previous year's scavenger hunts may be submitted for this year's scavenger hunt.
    8. Some of the best and/or most creative photos will also be submitted to the yearbook committee and may be used for this year's yearbook and on our website.  Smile! Click!


The items!

  1. Mrs. Macdonald
  2. A maple tree
  3. A pencil sharpener
  4. A seagull
  5. A phone booth
  6. Changing the batteries on a smoke detector
  7. A flower
  8. A city of Barrie water tower
  9. A sandy beach
  10. A Canadian Flag on a pole
  11. Any deciduous tree with leaves still on it
  12. YOU, reading your favorite book in our library
  13. Any restaurant sign
  14. A Poppy

  15. The "VR"' tower

  16. An act of recycling
  17. A city of Barrie population sign
  18. A foreign licence plate
  19. A running fountain
  20. Four members of your house playing basketball
  21. A game of Four Square
  22. A soccer net
  23. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs
  24. A pirate ship
  25. A rainbow
  26. A skyscraper
  27. LEGO
  28. A movie poster
  29. You with two grade 8 pizza helpers and a box of pizza
  30. A sign with the words FERNDALE on it
  31. A fire extinguisher
  32. Frost
  33. You and four Kindergarten members of your house "sharing"
  34. The moon
  35. A swimming pool
  36. A Ferndale athlete in their uniform
  37. A palm tree
  38. A city of Barrie Rec Centre sign
  39. A parking meter
  40. A group of three people standing on their head
  41. Bacon!
  42. The Spirit Catcher
  43. Sledding!
  44. You and one of our "nesters" (black-shirted staff) having fun
  45. A cow
  46. A school bus
  47. Five people eating cotton candy
  48. A fire hydrant
  49. 12 students creating a triangle around 3 school pylons
  50. Broccoli
  51. A sleeping cat
  52. The Barrie City Hall archway
  53. Roasting marshmallows
  54. A snowman showing Ferndale pride
  55. A "commit to character" sign
  56. A map of Canada
  57. You and 3 friends playing musical instruments @ Ferndale
  58. Ice
  59. A piece of artwork
  60. Christmas lights
  61. A fully set chess board
  62. An oversized inflatable Christmas decoration
  63. A group of three or more teachers
  64. A fortune cookie
  65. An "If you detect fire" sign at Ferndale
  66. A French teacher pushing their cart
  67. A Ferndale Agenda
  68. A grocery store sign
  69. A city bus
  70. A hula hoop
  71. A basketball net
  72. 2 snowmen holding hands
  73. Hugging a tree!
  74. The letter "Q"
  75. A "stuffy" displaying Ferndale spirit
  76. Mrs. Merkley wearing mittens
  77. A photocopier
  78. Playground equipment
  79. Mrs. Hennessey and Mrs. Jordan-Melvin waving
  80. Overalls
  81. A completed jigsaw puzzle
  82. A globe
  83. You and a house leader in the elevator
  84. Something repaired with duct tape
  85. A YoYo in action
  86. You and one or more housemates playing a board game
  87. A house made of playing cards
  88. A street sign
  89. A Red Canada post mailbox
  90. A Rodin sculpture
  91. You, with a Marvel superhero
  92. At a puppet show
  93. A birthday cake with candles
  94. Cowboy boots
  95. The city-of-Barrie Library
  96. A live lobster
  97. The Ferndale House Championship Falcon Artwork
  98. A happy baby
  99. Spell "Ferndale Falcons" with aluminum can tabs
  100. The inside of our gym's equipment room